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Tony T - The Multitalented aka R.I.O.

Bio English

Neal Antone Dyer better known by the stage name Tony T (official). is a British singer, rapper and DJ of Jamaican origin,[ best known as the front man of German dance music projects Beat System in the 90’s and R.I.O. that started early 2008
Born to Jamaican parents, he resided early on in Brooklyn where he started DJing. He then moved to Germany in 1986 where he worked as a resident DJ in a club close by.

His best known hit with R.I.O. was „Shine On“ and Turn This Club Around that reached number 3 in German Singles Chart and topped the Swiss Schweizer Hitparade chart, and was certified gold in both charts. As R.I.O Tony T had multiple hits worldwide and still rides that wave successfully.

Tony T. left the R.I.O. project in 2012 to launch a solo career. His first solo releaser was "Way to Rio". He was featured in "Everybody" from Mike Candys,. He also had collaborations such as with Soulwash featured in "No Games"."Beautiful Life" by Sasha Lopez also featuring Big Ali. also with Akon & Florider and many more.

2019 has a whole lot in store coming from this multitalented artist, as he states it IM JUST GETTING STARTED.

Since 2008 - 2018 Tony has been actively been on tour and has performed in over 60 countries around the world. His live performance is an energetic mix of hit songs and fresh material suited to move any crowed regardless of age, gender or religion. Tony T is also an amazing dj and due to his amazing improvising talent he combines his dj skills with hi freestyle vocals packed with many voices and style. Together thats a must have either as mc or both.

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